With the PS app, you can easily operate the locks and award access rights with your smartphone.

This is done without any card and keys and even works in metal cabinets.

The PS code principle
Each lock has a 4-digit user code. By default, it is 1234. Once you enter this code you can use the lock forever. The administrator can modify this code and thus create lock groups.

Example of a Jeweller
Name your locks "Rolex", "Swatch" or "Kassa". Assign the code 8855 to your locks Rolex and Swatch and the code 2233 to your lock Kassa. You will give the code 8855 to your employees and therefore only you are able to open Kassa.

Main Page

Download and install the app "PS Locks" from the Apple Store or from the Google Play Store.

During installation, you can type in your name. This appears in the history list together with the telephone ID number.

Launch the app.

The area will now be scanned for locks and all locks within range are listed. You can always manually check for new locks by clicking on "Scanning for locks".

Each lock has a 4-digit code. If you've already successfully verified yourself, the lock is green and can be used. Unverified locks appear as grey. When you click on a grey lock it takes you to the code entry.

Press and release the lock and the lock opens up the set time (default 3 seconds).

With a double-click the lock opens and it is locked after being clicked again.

Click the lock name and it will take you to the detail page. Here you will find access to the administration and the history.

The door symbol shows if the door is open or closed. The lug of the lock symbol shows if the lock is in a locked or unlocked position.

The battery symbol appears in green, yellow or red depending on the voltage.

In case of a weak battery it also takes you to the battery alarm page as soon as you open the lock.

User verification

Enter the 4-digit code. This can be changed by the administrator.

The default code is 1234.

After 3 wrong login attempts, there is a delay of 2 minutes.

After entering the code, you will be returned to the main page and the lock will be displayed in green.

Low battery alert

In case of a critical power status of the battery you will get this warning before the lock opens.

The battery may stop during the next opening process.

Please change the battery right now.

A dead battery forces you to crack the lock and maybe damage the furniture.

Lock details

The exact voltage of the battery is displayed in the middle.

The last 100 usages are displayed in the area below.

Click on the PS logo to come back to the main page.

If you want to administrate the locks, press the symbol
on the right side. You will come directly to the “administrator verification” page.

Administration verification

Please enter the 6 digit code.

After 3 wrong trials, a delay of 2 minutes starts.

If your code is correct, you will get directly to the “administrator” page.

You have to enter the administration code just once per lock.


Use this tool to rename the lock and to change the user or administration code.

Please change the codes right now.

Whenever you forgot the administration code, please press the reset button on the backside of the lock. The lock is now reset and starts again with user code: 1234 and administration code 123456.

Use the same user code for more locks whenever you want to create a user group. Once you mention this code to a user, he will have access to all such locks.

In general, the lock will close after 3 seconds. On this array, you can change this time from 1 to 250 seconds or into a permanent open mode.


Woodworking Machinery & Supply, Toronto, Canada, 31. October - 2. November 2019
Sicurezza, Milano, Italy 13-15 November 2019
Meble Moscow, Russia, 18-22 November 2019
Timber, Tel-Aviv Yafo, Israel, 19-21 November 2019

Euroshop, Düsseldorf, Germany, 16-20 February 2020
Holz-Handwerk, Nürnberg, Germany 18-21 March 2020
Security, Essen, Germany 22-25 September 2020


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