Several drawers are now locked with "Plur", the electronic lock for central locks.

Whether with RFID cards or with Bluetooth, "Plur" is fixed inside, is not visible from the outside and allows a continuous design without interruption.

The integrated battery allows flexible mobility as no power connection is required. The battery status is displayed in the app or checked with RFID every opening. Depending on the application frequency, a battery can create up to 15,000 openings or 7 years.

Features Bluetooth: With the app, multiple locks can be grouped together, and then opened at the same time. For example, you can open all the furniture in the office at the same time and lock it again in the evening. The battery status is displayed in the app.

Features RFID:
The lock does not automatically close, but requires the RFID card to lock again. This ensures that you do not leave the card in the drawer. The battery is checked at every opening and in case of a weak battery an alarm is heard and the lock is no longer locked.

The supplied CABLOXX adapter plate allows easy installation with the Blum Cabloxx locking system.

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MOBITEX Czech Repuclic 27 Feb - 2nd March
Securika Moscow 19-22 March - TBD - Hall 3
Technomoebel Bulgaria 26th - 30th March
INTERZUM Cologne 21-24th May 2019 - Booth 8,1 - A039
NeoCon Chicago 10-12th June 2019 - Booth 7-9067


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